Czech Streets 038 Monika – Test věrnosti


Okay guys, the great fidelity test of Czech girls and ladies has begun. What do I have in mind? Well, I got an idea (after all the experiences with Czech women of all kinds) to give all the boyfriends and husbands around a chance to test their partners. In principle, I’ll try my best to convince them to have sex with me for money, with their man knowing about it all and agreeing with my plan. And she’s not supposed to know anything, of course. I had no idea I’ll get so many requests! Almost immediately after I let people know about my plan, a guy called me and wanted me to test his girl. We met in a pub and he gave me the name of the fitness club that his girflriend Monika goes to. I decided to wait until she leaves and when she walked through the door, my pants almost burst. Guys, I have to say it was a sight I don’t get every day. An angel’s face and a pair of gigantic natural boobs. When at last I gathered my strenghts and courage to have a word with her, I felt shivers like never before. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to convince her on the way home. She agreed to cheat on her man for 50.000 Czech Crowns. The money was worth it, ‘caue I’ve got no idea when I’ll get a chance to fuck such a classy pussy again! I called her guy right after the act, and he certainly wasn’t happy about the news. The fact that I screwed his girlfriend for money really got to him. So download fast, ’cause I bet Monika will cut my dick off real soon.

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