Czech Harem 01 (Part 01) – 30 horny beauties


The dream of all men became reality!!! Here comes the first real personal harem! For the first time ever! Ales became the first Czech sultan. We picked him from the long line of men waiting and brought 30 fantastic pussies to pleasure him. He can do anything he wants with them. He was shocked and for a second we thought he’d faint. Well, who wouldn’t be shocked when there 30 hot girls banging on your door? And all of them want you to fuck them. Innocent 18 years old and experience 30 years old. Even the host joined this orgy. You have never seen anything like this before. A herd full of horny girls and one stallion to fuck them all. Dreams are coming true tonight. Ales, fuck every single one of them! This is the best thing you will ever see!!!

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